“The company´s Gross and Profit account is closely linked to Human Team Management”

Every proposal is managed according to the Project Management Model, regardless of the initial size of the project but the impact on the customer´s business.

That impact has to be measurable in terms of cost reduction, employee’s satisfaction, conflict decrease, competences development, etc.

The tools are customised to our clients business characteristics and needs. We choose the most simple ones, at a lower cost and that responds to the common sense.

Project phases:


Proposal from the agreed diagnosis

Proposal delivery:

  • Project justification

  • Objectives

  • Strategy

  • Operative plans

  • Timing

  • Budget

  • Follow-up plans

Execution (we committ ourselves in the performance of the scene).

Final report delivery and follow-up ("on-line" complementary follow-up as an option).

And……we will be at your disposal every time you may need our support in the future…